Organizing Committee

Executive Committee

  • Carlos Urrutia
    President Desal 2014
    Engineering and Construction Manager, Andes Iron, Chile
  • Edward Medina
    Cerro Lindo Mining Unit Manager, Cía. Minera Milpo, Peru
  • Luis Curridor
    Organizing Committee Chair
    Development and Operations Manager, Degrémont, Chile
  • Carlos Barahona
    Executive Director
    General Manager, Gecamin, Chile
  • Raymond Philippe
    Technical Coordinator
    Business Development Manager, MWH Global, Chile
  • Alejandra Rivera
    Gecamin, Chile

Directing Members

  • Mario González
    Business Manager
    Atacama Water and Technology, Chile
  • Percy Mayta
    Plant Manager
    Sierra Gorda SCM, Chile
  • Fernando Mollo
    Concentrator Manager
    Compañía Contractual Minera Candelaria
  • José Joaquín Muñoz
    Seven Seas Water, Chile
  • Juan Miguel Pinto
    Technical Sales Manager for Americas
    Energy Recovery Inc., USA
  • Jaime Sepúlveda
    Operations Manager
    Genesys Membrane Products Latinoamérica, Chile

Advisory Committee

  • Marcelo Bueno
    Regional Manager
    Toray Membrane, Brasil
  • Ghilaine Charrade
    General Manager Chile
    Veolia Water S&T, Chile
  • Richard Dixon
    Country Manager Chile
    MWH Global
  • Carlos Foxley
    General Manager
    Proyectos y Equipos S.A., Chile
  • Emilio Gabbrielli
    First Vice-President, IDA
    VP Business Development at Toray Membrane USA
  • Luis Hernán González
    General Manager
    Sigdo Koppers S.A.,Chile
  • Bartolomé Marín
    Director Desalination Department
    Aqualia Infraestructuras, Spain
  • Alex Miquel
    VP Business Development
    Sembcorp Utilities, Chile
  • Enrique Oliva
    Engineering and Projects Manager
    SADYT S.A.U, Spain
  • Antonio Ordóñez
    R&D Director
    GS Inima Environment, Spain
  • Oscar Osores
    Water Management and Geochemistry
    Minera Barrick Misquichilca
  • Luis Felipe Pinilla
    Development Manager
    COMSA, Chile
  • Lionel Quezada
    General Manager
    Aqualogy, Chile
  • Renato Giani Ramos
    Latin America Technical Leader
    Dow Water & Process Solutions, Brasil
  • Juan María Sánchez
    General Manager
    Ecoagua, Spain
  • Miguel Ángel Sanz
    Director Development and Innovation
    Degrémont, Chile

Technical Committee

  • Luis Bernal
    Process Manager at Dominga Project
    Minera Andes Iron, Chile
  • Walter Cerda
    R&D Director
    AWT, Chile
  • Gustavo De La Torre
    Concentrator Superintendent
    Compañía Minera Milpo, Peru
  • Marcia Greco
    Business Development Manager
    Veolia Water, Brazil
  • Marcelo Labrin
    Senior Water Projects Engineer
    MWH Americas, Chile
  • Aurelio López
    Development Manager Latin America
    Acciona, Spain
  • Ignacio Mir
    Solar Energy Professor
    Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
  • Ruben Muñoz
    Technical Solutions Director Latin America
    IDE Technologies, Chile
  • Verónica Rueda
    Senior Process Engineer
    SNC Lavalin, Chile
  • Álvaro Videla
    Mining Department Professor
    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Jacques Wiertz
    Adjunct Professor
    Universidad de Chile
  • Ignacio Zúñiga
    VP Business Developement
    Cadagua, Spain