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A note of thanks from the Organizing Committee

The Desal 2014 Organizing Committee was proud to welcome attendees from 20 countries at the 4th Latin American Congress on Desalinarion and Water Reuse held in Santiago of Chile, where over 50 lectures on research, application, innovations and technological developments were presented and discussed.

We would like to extend our profound gratitude to all those involved in organizing the Congress and thank them for their contributions of time, dedication, knowledge sharing, stories of experiences and best water industry practices. We are particularly grateful to:

  • The authors for their invaluable technical contributions and willingness to share their research;
  • The technical committee for their collaboration and dedication to the revision of abstracts, a critical process to ensure a high technical quality and achieve valuable proceedings;
  • The sponsors for their generous support and collaboration;
  • The media partners for their assistance in promoting the congress and bringing updated information to the public in a timely manner;
  • To Aladyr, for its support, guidance and trust in our organization
  • The Gecamin team for their hard work, professionalism and continuous commitment to once again making this congress a great success;
  • The advisory committee for their collaboration in promoting the congress and support in forming the technical program.

And last but certainly not least, we would like to thank all participants, whose interest and enthusiasm made this a first class and enriching congress for all.

Organizing Committee

Desal 2014