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Desal 2014 showcased new perspectives on desalination and water reuse to Latin American professionals

The 4th Latin American Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse −DESAL 2014− drew to a close with a high attendance at The Sheraton Hotel in Santiago, Chile, where the event took place from October 15-17.

The congress –which was organized by the Latin American Association of Desalination and Water Reuse (ALADYR) and the company Gecamin− was attended by 295 professionals from 20 countries. 54 technical talks in total were presented during the event.

The main themes covered were design, construction, operation and maintenance of desalination plants; reuse of wastewater; effluent treatment based on membrane technology; and environmental aspects of desalination and marine works.

“What caught my attention was the depth of the presentations. I received many comments from attendees saying that the themes were not the same as always, but this time they really learned something. I think there was an effort from the presenters to showcase something new, and go into more detail”, said the Desal Technical Coordinator, Raymond Philippe.  

Amongst the presentations highlighted by the expert were “Constructed wetlands for urban wastewater treatment and reuse in northern Chile: Preliminary results,”  by Ismael Vera, Universidad Arturo Prat, Chile; and “The role of the maritime authority in desalination projects taking place on the waterfront, ”by Captain Enrique Vargas, DIRECTEMAR, Chile.

In general, presentations on maintenance of desalination plants “were very useful for people who are just starting in this area and need this kind of support”, said Philippe.